Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I am horrible at this blogging thing.

Or maybe I'm just crazy busy?  Yeah, we'll go with that.  We'll stick with me being an overachiever and not being horrible at something.

I did go to the neurologist last month.  She was not thrilled with the amount of side effects that I was having after 7 weeks of being on the full dose of Betaseron, so she pulled me off of it.  So now I am doing research what to start next.  She wants me to try Gilenya, but that would be at the bottom of my list.  She also told me to research Aubagio and BG-12.  She said the only other injectable that she would consider would be Copaxone, but that with my nasty injection site reactions it is a huge strike against me.  With it being a different drug it might be okay, but I still have injection site reactions (ISR) from the Betaseron, so I wouldn't even be able to start until those go away- if they do.  You can't give a shot into an ISR because it causes more pain, can make it take longer to heal and can cause more irreparable damage to the underlying tissue.  Fun times.

I go back on the 22nd of January to let her know what I have decided.  I am leaning heavily toward the BG-12 (or as I call it because I continuously forget the "G"- the B12 Bomber).  The problem with that is that it isn't actually on the market yet.  Possibly in March it will be out, but the FDA has already pushed it back for more testing.  Not necessarily a bad thing when you look at the side effects that the other pills have.  However, when you are waiting on it to come out...  Another problem is- I have no clue what the copay is going to be on the B12 Bomber.  I know what the other 3 are.  I know what the new one should be as long as it is covered like the rest of the specialty drugs and barring any shenanigans. Shenanigans could throw a wrench into plans when you think it is going to go one way one way and then it ends up being a lot more than that.  Yeah, you are talking about health, but finances cause stress, and stress causes symptoms to flair.  Vicious cycle there...

I have been super, super busy lately.  Seems like I am always saying that, but it's the truth, just more so the last couple months of the year.  November and December not only have the holidays, but 2 out of 3 of my girls birthdays.  Plus, we just started doing online school for my youngest 2 that are still in elementary school. Lots of craziness and change-ups with the schedules here.

I will write more about that in a different post.

If time gets away from me...again...I hope everyone had and has a happy holiday season.  No matter what holidays they celebrate.

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