Friday, November 16, 2012


Not that I know what that is.  I am running on a severe deficit.  This time of year is always super busy for me.  Combine school schedules with Halloween, then Hannah's birthday, then Thanksgiving, then Courtney's birthday, then Christmas and throw in a couple of vendor events...October through December are the craziest, most exhausting months of the year for me.

My oldest baby, Hannah, turned the ripe old age of 12 last weekend.  Time goes way too fast.  I remember vividly that newborn smell and how fuzzy her hair was.  Other than a couple of months of colic, she was the most even tempered baby.  Then she never threw a fit when she was a toddler.  She was honestly the most well-behaved child.  She threw her first fit when she was FIVE and it was because she was tired and I wouldn't let her lay down and take a nap, not because she was getting candy or tv or a toy...a NAP.  I remember it like it was yesterday because I was shocked and ended up laughing at her and stopped my shopping to go home and let her take a nap because I thought if she was acting in a way she had never acted before because she wanted a NAP, then she must REALLY need one.

 Now she is this amazing, smart, beautiful young lady who is brilliant-straight, near perfect 100's in all of her classes and freakishly artistic.  She has taught herself to play the guitar and sew and knit and crochet...She draws and makes jewelry.  She doesn't even need me, she is self-sustainable.  Next I am going to see if I can get her to make bracelets while knitting with her toes, playing the guitar with her elbows and drawing while holding the pencil between her teeth.  THAT would be phenomenal.  She might be able to get her own show on TLC.  I might need to change her name to something more catchy, more marketable.  I'm gonna have to think on that.  Until I come up with something, I am just going to refer to her as Hannah Boo Boo.

Hannah Boo Boo wanted to have a sleepover and go to the EMP museum and eat at Beth's Cafe for her birthday.  The other two munchkins went off with a friend the morning after the sleepover and we made the trek into the Emerald City.  HBB and her friends M & K saw the sites of the museum, which for any music and/or science fiction geek are a must if you are in Seattle.  I love looking at stuff that was actually used by anybody famous in an actual movie or tv show or on stage during a concert.  It makes it even better if it was somebody or a movie or show that I really like.  There was a big Nirvana exhibit which we had seen before but could still take our time enjoying, and numerous exhibits including a sci-fi exhibit that were new.  Hannah had her picture taken with a Dalek from Doctor Who.  That made her happy.  After leaving there, we went over to Beth's, where Hannah proceeded to order a 6 egg omelet with ham and cheese served on hash browns with a blueberry muffin.  She ate every bite of the muffin, all of the omelet and started on the hash browns.  I can only assume that turning 12 worked up her appetite.  All in all it was a successful and low-key birthday.  I am pretty sure the girls did no drugs during their sleepover, the alcohol cabinet was not tampered with and they were in bed by 1:00.  When I went to bed, they were playing Scrabble, yes Scrabble.  And they were up by 8:00 to eat and get ready to leave for Seattle.  Yeah, I've got myself good kids.  *knockonwood*

Obligatory picture of my beautiful  Hannah Boo Boo.
  UPDATE:  So, I got a text from my baby sister yesterday.  "Hey!  I thought I was your oldest baby....:/"  Evidently she thinks that because I was 15 when she was born, people repeatedly ask if I am her mom and I toted her around like she was mine a lot of the time, that she did actually burst forth from my loins and I was a teenage mom.  I kid, that is just how close we are.  I am more like a second mom than a sister in a lot of ways.  And I love you, APC!  Though, imagine if I were actually her mom!  And I had given her to MY MOM AND DAD to raise. Now THAT is just the type of show that TLC would go for, Forget Hannah Boo Boo!  TLC- Trainwreck Loving Channel! A is in college now and doing amazing and I am SO proud of her.  The show might get in the way of her studies.  We might want to wait to approach the network until she's done. 

*No, APC is not my daughter that I gave to my mom and dad to raise.  She really is my sister.   I wanted to stick with the TLC theme.  Ali Boo Boo has a certain ring to it, don't you think?  Wasn't that  a cartoon?  

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