Monday, October 1, 2012

The Post in Which I Get Assaulted and Oily...or... Waxy?

After the last post, you probably think that I was assaulted at the dentist's office, but I will preface this by saying that I left there unharmed.  There were also no police involved in the writing of this post.  There, now I've done.  I've lost half of my 5 followers.  2.5 of you were only going to stick around because you thought this was a real crime drama.  Sickos.

The weekend was not nearly as restful as I said it was going to be.  The munchkins that live with me decided to go for a room swap and it happens to benefit the husband and I. So I spent yesterday moving furniture and directing traffic while they moved belongings.  Luckily, they exchanged some furniture, also.  It got my eldest out of the largest room which also housed the guest bed.  This room is over the 3-car garage, to give you an idea of the size of it, and she thought she was the queen of the entire thing.  The original plan of sectioning of part of it didn't work.  At all.  Slowly, Hannah's belonging would spread like mold.  "Don't put ANYTHING on that bed!" is what I would tell her.  She would reply, "Okay, mom, I won't," with a complete, utter look of honesty.  HAHAHAHAH!  She had me fooled!  Being the pre-teen girl that she is, it is often that I would open her door and see a pile of clean clothes on the guest bed.  *eyetwitch*  Then I would walk closer and notice bottles of fingernail polish!  ARGH!  This was just the icing on the cake! So, yeah, if she wants the smaller space and the younger two want to share that room, by all means.  It actually means that there will be one room with the guest bedroom closed off, and I know that seems silly to some people.  But Mia and Courtney want to share a room for some reason.  They end up in each other's room every night, anyway, so this just cuts out one step, and I have one less room to keep clean.  Win-Win!  So, the furniture is moved, just have to finish up with the little stuff, closet fillings, getting things just right, etc.  That is what my Sunday involved.  I got to a good stopping point, started dinner.  Chad lit the grill and was sitting on the patio.  I went and stood in the yard to talk to him and didn't have shoes on and stepped on something. Blinding, searing pain. Much cussing and jumping around like a fool ensued.   I only saw it for a second though and only to lift my foot up and see that something was stinging me and then I put my foot back down and rubbed it against the grass.  Some evil, no-good, stinging insect.  Didn't have any yellow that I could see and was not long, more round.  Possibly hornet? HOLY PAIN!  We are at 20 hours, and my foot still hurts.  Not as bad as it did yesterday, but hurts to walk.  Last night, though I thought for sure my foot was burning off.  I just hope it wasn't one of those zombie bees or I know what I'm going to be for Halloween.

I did start off my Monday productive.  Ran a few errands after I got H&C off to school, with one specific place in mind as a must.  My best friend told me, months ago, that coconut oil is supposed to be beneficial for memory and brain fog.  Not having actually received a diagnosis of MSat that point, I didn't want to start any supplements, or do anything that could change my symptoms and then not know if it was the symptom changing on its own, or if it is was because of some supplement.  While having my coffee this morning, I was reading about brain fog and someone else mentioned the coconut oil again.  So, off to Trader Joe's I went.  Their coconut oil is organic and was very reasonably priced considering I don't know if it is going to work or if I am going to have to gag it down.  In the jar it looks completely wax-like.  I'm a bit a-skeered.
Hmmm...The thicker it is, the better it works, right?  RIGHT?

There are a huge list of supposed benefits of coconut oil.  Internal and external. So if you are interested, Google is your friend.  I am looking for a specific benefit here and will be thrilled if it works even a little, I won't be "uuuuhhhhh"-ing my way through as many conversations anymore, as endearing as I know that is. The blank look is a favorite of my husband's, I think.  Maybe I should rub some on my zombie bee sting, though?


  1. That is an awfully thick looking bottleogden cocoanut oil, best just close your eyes and think of England :)

    1. I read it can be mixed into coffee and it gives it the taste of coconut. I am trying that first. Obviously not the blueberry coffee. That might be a little odd.