Saturday, October 27, 2012

Spasticity is fun to say...

Go ahead, say it with me, "Spasticity!"  Wasn't that fun?  It doesn't feel too great, though.  Spasticity for those of you not in the know, is basically when a muscle spasms, stiffens or otherwise gets tight or feels as if it can't stretch.  Up until this past week, I had a few of random incidents of spasticity.  Nothing to write home about, just a muscle spasm that would last for a few minutes, a couple of times in my upper arm, a couple of times in my thigh.  This past week, though, has been like a little spastic party all up in my thighs.  While I can tell that the muscles are having spasms, the pain isn't like a typical spasm.  It reminds me of the sciatic nerve pain that I had when I was pregnant, but in the fronts of my thighs.  And the pain hits at very inopportune times-like when I am walking down the stairs with a basket of laundry.

So, I have been dealing with that for the past week.  I think I might be having a pseudo-exacerbation.  Basically I have been overdoing it the past few weeks so I am having some symptoms of an exacerbation, without an actual full-on exacerbation happening.  The last post detailed some of what has been going on this month, and it hasn't slowed down the past week.  Too much stress and activity with not enough rest can bring symptoms on in many MS patients.  The fatigue has hit the past week, also.  I really want to climb in bed and stay there for a month.

We did do some painting today.  We bought this house and it the model house, so it had a fancy "accent wall" of a different color.  Well the wall was a beige color that I haven't liked since we moved in two years ago.  It was the longest wall in the house as we have a eat-in kitchen/family room that goes the whole length of the house.  So it had cabinets with a tile backdrop,  and two windows and a set of sliding doors with no frame that we had to tape off.  Sooooooo tedious.  However, it looks fantastic.  We picked a dark moss green.  Chad says he looks at the wall and wants guacamole. I am just happy to have color on the wall!

The Betaseron is still kicking my butt.  It has been wrecking my stomach since I moved up to the full 1.0 almost 3 weeks ago.  That's on top of the headaches it was already giving me.  The needles are the smallest of all the MS meds, but for some reason the few doses have actually hurt.  Not the medicine burning type hurt, but like the area feels sore the next few days like after you get a flu shot type hurt. Not sure what is going on there.  And I am super splotchy.  It's very attractive. Pink splotches on my arms and belly. My thighs and butt (though the injections really go into my lovehandles, so butt is kind of a misnomer in this case) don't look too bad. Any splotches clear up in couple of days or so...My arms and belly those splotches last for weeks.  I am running out of injection area on a couple of those spots. :/  Those are my least favorite anyways, so maybe that's not such a bad thing. :)  Hopefully it starts to level off and I start getting used to it.

I hope everyone has an enjoyable Sunday.  For all of my friends and family on the East Coast, stay safe, dry and don't blow away!

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