Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have never been the most traditionally organized person.  I have always had an attention for detail, had a great memory and could multi-task like a madwoman, but was always a bit cluttered.  You would never see me on an episode of Hoarders, but there are a couple of counters and a few drawers that pile up.  Back in February when I started forgetting my own address and my best friend's phone number, among other random items in everyday use, I realized that something might be more than a little wrong.  That is only one in the laundry list of symptoms, but at the time, it was the most worrisome for me.  I had started to get a bit more organized when I realized things weren't going to get completely better, but now that I know things could get worse, I am in organization mode.  Delegating chores that I wouldn't have 2 months ago, asking for help when I really hate asking for help, lists and charts all over the place. And I'm not taking crap from anybody.  If I tell someone to pick their shoes up, they better put their shoes up!   
The TV is on very little during the day-especially when the girls are home- because the background noise distracts me, so more gets done by everyone now. I just ordered self-laminating sheets and magnetic strips and printed off chore charts so I can put dry-erase charts on the side of the fridge for each girl.    
 I make my hubby's breakfast in the morning, but honestly it got to the point where I was burning stuff and would get back upstairs and not remember if I had turned off the stove, so I decided to start making batches of breakfast burritos.  I do a batch every few weeks and wrap each one and freeze them.  Take one out and stick it in the fridge at night to defrost and in the morning just microwave on medium.  So inexpensive and super easy. One of my children, who shall remain nameless, would pour enough cereal into a big soup bowl for a week and then proceed to to pour about 3 cups of milk into the bowl.  Then promptly eat 1/4 of it.  Ummmmm...Houston, we have a problem.   I bought a bunch of plastic bowls with lids and dish out the girls' cereal at night-the correct serving size.  The bowls go in the pantry and they just pour their milk up to a certain line in the morning.  It has saved a TON of waste.  Plus, nobody is complaining of upset stomachs!  Win-Win!  
 I HAD to go out and buy a pill organizer.  You know what I'm talking about.  One of those things your grandmother has in her kitchen cabinet that has all of her heart and arthritis pills.  Oh, and don't forget the supplements.  Yeah,  I'm in that club, now!  But I couldn't remember for the life of me which pill to take when.  So off to the drug store to get one of the paperweights.  I take pills 4 times a day, so I needed one with 28 slots.  Ugh!  How embarrassing is that?  A couple of the pills you have to take with a full glass of water, so nobody has to worry about whether I am getting enough water during the day.  Looks, I'm even going to show you a picture...Well I am going to try, hopefully I won't make the internet explode.  That's an average of 14 pills a day for all of you who didn't enlarge and count.  Though, I don't have the stinky vitamin in there, because who wants everything else to smell like fish? *gag*  
Nothing in here to get excited about, don't get jittery.
I think I am hitting the den next. I left that up to the girls for the last week. That was a bit of a disaster, though you can't tell just by standing in the doorway.  I went in last night to get the blocks out for the Mia's homework, and there were dirty socks stuffed in the bottom of the Barbie bin... Her answer to, "Why?" "Oh, yeeeeeah...my feet got hot playing, so I stuck them there so I wouldn't forget." Yeah. I think you forgot, kid. Everything is just stuffed into bins.  Trash, blocks, puzzle pieces.  All in one bin...But the floor is picked up!  Kind of like you used to clean your room when you were a kid, shove it all in your closet or under the bed.  It looks good from the doorway, but if anybody actually looks, their eyes might bleed.
 It's a slow thing, this total reorganization.  But I think it will be completely worth it.  The few changes that have been made are making everything run much more smoothly so far.  What are some of your favorite organization tips and tricks?


  1. if i had a nickel for every time i told certain people in this house that they were using too. much. milk. in their cereal, i'd have like 217 nickels.

  2. We were going through 2 gallons of milk a week, and Mia drinks rice milk, and Chad and I don't use any, except on a rare occasion. We are down to 1 gallon and down from 5 boxes of cereal to 2. HUGE strides. I tell them if they are still hungry to eat a piece of fruit or have some yogurt. They get up so early and eat that they would leave half the cereal to get soggy, but be "hungry" again 45 minutes later and not want the soggy cereal that they left sitting there. This totally fixes that and there is no waste and everyone is happy in the morning.