Thursday, September 27, 2012

I think I Hit a WALL...

Yesterday was so damn long. I do not even know how to sugarcoat that.

I said I needed to clean out and organize the den- which is really the playroom.  Well, I got up yesterday and I had my coffee, took a couple of kids to school and tore through the den like a tornado.  I am quite proud of myself. I dumped every bag, bin and box out and went through everything in that room.  The children who live in my house and cause me to question my sanity on a daily basis were feeding hippo food marbles everyplace BUT the Hungry Hungry Hippos to whom they belong.  I think someone was packing for THE BIG ONE because I found a mini-backpack filled with pairs of clean socks and granola bars.  At least when we are walking to higher ground we will have sustenance and comfy feet.

After 4 hours, I had taken a large bin of toys and books upstairs and shoved it into storage for future generations.  I had taken 2 bags of trash out and 2 trash bags full of stuff to Goodwill.  I then still had to come back and reorganize the little that was left.  Luckily, the girls play with just a few items these days.  They are big on games, dress up, crafty stuff and dolls, so everything else is gone.  I also moved the storage shelf onto the main wall and out of the corner.  When it was in the corner, they thought the corner was their trashcan/hamper when they were too busy to leave whatever they were playing.  Then they would leave it, or possibly forget about it.  But the new set-up has no hiding places.  I hope I outsmarted them for a short time.

I went and got a load of laundry done, was feeling successful.  Started a batch of lasagna.  Noticed I was getting a bit fatigued.  Had to switch to a smaller knife so that I could better control it and not cut my fingers, but the peppers and onions were not a pretty dice at all.  I did get my lasagna done, and got one in the freezer.

My husband called on his way home and while I was talking to him and prepping the salad, my 5 year old, Mia, started screaming upstairs.  Off the phone, up the stairs I go...  The child has blood coming out of her mouth.    Not a ton, and it just takes a little to get her to scream like someone is trying to kidnap her, but still, why is her mouth bleeding.  Upon closer review, her 2 front teeth on the bottom are sticking out almost horizontal when they weren't even loose before.  WTF?  Ummmmm, she tried to open a big plastic storage bin WITH HER TEETH.  Leave it to my child. The teeth had to be pulled out. Much screaming ensued.  Many tears.  More from me, afterwards, I think.  My BAAAABEEEEE!  Her widdle baby smile is no longer.  She has a big gap in her teeth...  Ugh.  At this point I could really use a drink, though I skipped it as it was shot night.

I actually dropped my fork during dinner.  It just fell out of my hand.  Completely lost my grasp.  Talk about fatigue.  I have issues with my hand strength, but not that bad.  I don't think wrestling teeth out of a 5 year old's mouth helped with that.  It took me a minute to realize what happened, though.  I sat there staring at it wondering what happened trying to process it.  Something to write in the little symptom notebook.

I have been asleep on my feet today other than making a wreath this morning.  I saw a wreath on Pinterest that was just a mossy wreath, a brown bow, and fake pumpkins all around it.  The very famous company wanted $100 for the dang thing!  I saw it and thought it was a craft project and took it as a template for myself.  I thought it was rather plain and certainly wouldn't spend that much money on it.  I  went to Michael's and bought supplies and made my version.
Not $100 on a famous website, made with shaky hands and a
 hot glue gun.

I am hoping that tomorrow is easier. The girls have an early day and we are going to go get cupcakes with my buddy and her boys.  The moral of this story is rest often and even if you are feeling good, don't overdo it!

Oh, and Mia didn't get the bin open.  I know everyone was dying to know the outcome to that story!


  1. wow! that is one productive day. now i feel like a slouch. lol

    omg, the tooth thing sent a chill up my back. yikes.

    btw, the wreath looks great!

    1. Ugh, I totally overdid it. That's the thing with MS, when you feel good you want to get as much done as you think you can because you don't know what tomorrow is going to bring, but then that causes horrible fatigue in a lot of people. It is a vicious cycle.

      Yeah, it made me half-nauseous and I shed tears afterwards. First out of all 3 to have a mouth issue of any kind.

      Thanks! I have the original pinned on pinterest so you can see my inspiration. Actually, I think I posted a link on fb yesterday, also, if we are fb friends?

  2. i'll check it out on pinterest. we are fb friends, but my account has been deactivated since august.

  3. All that and she didn't get the bin open? Oh dear, she must have been so disappointed!

    1. You might think so, but blood distracts this one. One drop on a scraped ankle and she thinks the world is ending. Blood coming from her mouth and nobody cared about what was in the bin anymore! Kids!